The Best Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks


Computers nowadays serve a lot of purposes whether it is used for serious gaming, business related tasks, or school paper works. If you are one of those who do real work with your computers then you must be using Microsoft word more often. However, no matter how often we use the program we never really spend more time in getting to know it even better. We just do what we have to do with it, type words, change size of a few headings, print the document, and that’s it. What we don’t know is that there are many things you can do with Microsoft word and there are many microsoft word tips and tricks you don’t know yet. If you want to know some of these microsoft word tips then keep reading because we are going to highlight some of them so that you’ll get the most out of Microsoft word.

In creating a new paragraph you simply press the Enter button, pressing that twice will produce two spaces. Finding and replacing this double space area is easy, you just have to go to the Find and Replace tool and type in: ^p^p. And in the Replace section you type in: ^p. This sign ^p is classified as paragraph in Microsoft word so two of this sign in a row signifies double paragraph space. You can also do the same with tab, you just have to type in: ^t instead of the ^p.

You can also use macros for frequently typed text and they are incredibly easy to implement in Microsoft word plus you can save hours in creating the same text repeatedly. Most people use macros to write out company boilerplate information or legal disclaimers. Basically, you go to View and then click the Macros button on the far right side and choose Record Macro, and then you start to perform whatever macro command you want.

One of the abused features in Microsoft is the copy-and-paste text and if you don’t happen to know there’s a ms word tips for this. When you use copy-and-paste you usually retain the original font, coloring, and size when copied and pasted into Microsoft word. Alhough you can manually switch the font back there’s an easy and faster way to do it: Go to File, click options, click Advanced, and look for an entry called Pasting from other programs, and Choose Keep Text Only then click OK.

You must try and implement these few microsoft word tips and tricks to make your work more convenient and faster.



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