Does Increasing Page File Size Actually Make Your PC Faster?


Do you know that when your computer runs out of RAM it will draw upon the page file? If you don’t even know what a page file is then it is the part of the hard drive that the computer utilizes and sets aside to use as memory. So if in any circumstances that your computer already reaches its maximum RAM capacity it simply draw upon the page file just to get by. What’s more than being just a savior for extra memory allocation is that many believes that when you increase page file it will also increase the speed of your PC. To know if this is true or just a myth then continue reading until the end because we are just about to answer your questions and give you idea how to speed up pc for free.

Take note that if you have enough RAM for your memory then you don’t have to worry about your page file getting used.  In order for you to find out how much page file your computer is using then press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to bring about the Windows task Manager. In the task Manager you will see everything you need to know about your computer’s physical performance which includes the memory usage. If in any case that your memory usage is above 85% then your computer is relying heavily on RAM in order to run properly. If it is using less than 40% of the RAM then the page file isn’t really being used at all. However if your RAM usage is unreasonably high then your page file size will definitely a trouble. Here is how to increase page file size: Open the Start Menu, then the Control Panel, click System and Maintenance, then click System. On the left pane, click Advanced system settings. On the Advanced tab, click Settings, which can be found under Performance. Click the Advanced tab and then click Change, which can be found under Virtual memory. Clear the Automatically manage paging file size for all drives check box. Under Drive [A/B/C/D/whatever drive you’re using] click the drive that contains the paging file you wish to change. Choose Custom size and then type in a new size. Choose the same value for the initial size and maximum size. Say, twice your amount of physical RAM. Click Set and then OK to apply those changes. You have now successfully increase page file size and speed up pc for free although only a small amount of improvement. As PC experts would recommend it would be better if you’ll buy more RAM than increase page file size.


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