How to Add a Super-Powerful Start Menu in Windows 8


Have you already switched to Microsoft’s new operating system the latest Windows 8? If you have then you probably noticed that something is missing in the new operating system and it is the start menu. In most reviews and feedbacks you will always hear complaints about start menu windows 8 because it’s nowhere to be found. The most popular feature Windows ever made was junked by Microsoft for some reason we don’t know. If you might ask the Microsoft exec you’d get an answer that has words like “touch screens”, “usability”, and “streamlined”. Nevertheless no matter how streamlined or whatever reasons Microsoft have, most user tend to seek and want their start menu back. Luckily if you’ll just keep reading we will reveal a simple guide to help you find out how to get start menu windows 8.

First things first, you have to download a program named Power8. After downloading and installing this you’ll get a pretty brand new start menu. Now open the Start menu and click anywhere to start editing. The Power8 settings includes 4tabs the General, Menu-buttons, Web search Engines, and most frequently used. You can change any of those settings you wish to edit and if in any case you want to change the appearance of your Start button you simply have to go to configure start button box where you can choose any image for your start button that you like.

If you have followed these steps successfully then the start menu windows 8 should be visible in your new OS now. Furthermore you should also take note that to help you get to that point you must make sure to disable Metro options by installing Power8’s Block Metro tool you can find this in the general settings menu of Power8. Anyway switching to Windows 8 in the first place means you moved forward to possible changes and new environment so you shouldn’t have to search too much in order to get a simple feature back.



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