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The Best Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks


Computers nowadays serve a lot of purposes whether it is used for serious gaming, business related tasks, or school paper works. If you are one of those who do real work with your computers then you must be using Microsoft word more often. However, no matter how often we use the program we never really spend more time in getting to know it even better. We just do what we have to do with it, type words, change size of a few headings, print the document, and that’s it. What we don’t know is that there are many things you can do with Microsoft word and there are many microsoft word tips and tricks you don’t know yet. If you want to know some of these microsoft word tips then keep reading because we are going to highlight some of them so that you’ll get the most out of Microsoft word.

In creating a new paragraph you simply press the Enter button, pressing that twice will produce two spaces. Finding and replacing this double space area is easy, you just have to go to the Find and Replace tool and type in: ^p^p. And in the Replace section you type in: ^p. This sign ^p is classified as paragraph in Microsoft word so two of this sign in a row signifies double paragraph space. You can also do the same with tab, you just have to type in: ^t instead of the ^p.

You can also use macros for frequently typed text and they are incredibly easy to implement in Microsoft word plus you can save hours in creating the same text repeatedly. Most people use macros to write out company boilerplate information or legal disclaimers. Basically, you go to View and then click the Macros button on the far right side and choose Record Macro, and then you start to perform whatever macro command you want.

One of the abused features in Microsoft is the copy-and-paste text and if you don’t happen to know there’s a ms word tips for this. When you use copy-and-paste you usually retain the original font, coloring, and size when copied and pasted into Microsoft word. Alhough you can manually switch the font back there’s an easy and faster way to do it: Go to File, click options, click Advanced, and look for an entry called Pasting from other programs, and Choose Keep Text Only then click OK.

You must try and implement these few microsoft word tips and tricks to make your work more convenient and faster.



Does Increasing Page File Size Actually Make Your PC Faster?


Do you know that when your computer runs out of RAM it will draw upon the page file? If you don’t even know what a page file is then it is the part of the hard drive that the computer utilizes and sets aside to use as memory. So if in any circumstances that your computer already reaches its maximum RAM capacity it simply draw upon the page file just to get by. What’s more than being just a savior for extra memory allocation is that many believes that when you increase page file it will also increase the speed of your PC. To know if this is true or just a myth then continue reading until the end because we are just about to answer your questions and give you idea how to speed up pc for free.

Take note that if you have enough RAM for your memory then you don’t have to worry about your page file getting used.  In order for you to find out how much page file your computer is using then press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to bring about the Windows task Manager. In the task Manager you will see everything you need to know about your computer’s physical performance which includes the memory usage. If in any case that your memory usage is above 85% then your computer is relying heavily on RAM in order to run properly. If it is using less than 40% of the RAM then the page file isn’t really being used at all. However if your RAM usage is unreasonably high then your page file size will definitely a trouble. Here is how to increase page file size: Open the Start Menu, then the Control Panel, click System and Maintenance, then click System. On the left pane, click Advanced system settings. On the Advanced tab, click Settings, which can be found under Performance. Click the Advanced tab and then click Change, which can be found under Virtual memory. Clear the Automatically manage paging file size for all drives check box. Under Drive [A/B/C/D/whatever drive you’re using] click the drive that contains the paging file you wish to change. Choose Custom size and then type in a new size. Choose the same value for the initial size and maximum size. Say, twice your amount of physical RAM. Click Set and then OK to apply those changes. You have now successfully increase page file size and speed up pc for free although only a small amount of improvement. As PC experts would recommend it would be better if you’ll buy more RAM than increase page file size.

How to Add a Super-Powerful Start Menu in Windows 8


Have you already switched to Microsoft’s new operating system the latest Windows 8? If you have then you probably noticed that something is missing in the new operating system and it is the start menu. In most reviews and feedbacks you will always hear complaints about start menu windows 8 because it’s nowhere to be found. The most popular feature Windows ever made was junked by Microsoft for some reason we don’t know. If you might ask the Microsoft exec you’d get an answer that has words like “touch screens”, “usability”, and “streamlined”. Nevertheless no matter how streamlined or whatever reasons Microsoft have, most user tend to seek and want their start menu back. Luckily if you’ll just keep reading we will reveal a simple guide to help you find out how to get start menu windows 8.

First things first, you have to download a program named Power8. After downloading and installing this you’ll get a pretty brand new start menu. Now open the Start menu and click anywhere to start editing. The Power8 settings includes 4tabs the General, Menu-buttons, Web search Engines, and most frequently used. You can change any of those settings you wish to edit and if in any case you want to change the appearance of your Start button you simply have to go to configure start button box where you can choose any image for your start button that you like.

If you have followed these steps successfully then the start menu windows 8 should be visible in your new OS now. Furthermore you should also take note that to help you get to that point you must make sure to disable Metro options by installing Power8’s Block Metro tool you can find this in the general settings menu of Power8. Anyway switching to Windows 8 in the first place means you moved forward to possible changes and new environment so you shouldn’t have to search too much in order to get a simple feature back.


The World’s 5 Most Frustrating PC Games


When we get tired or bored we usually find a way to have fun or make use of the time. Free Online games can be an option because these programs are solely designed to be a fun way of killing time when you’re on your free time. However, not all online games are fun to play with believe it or not there are also frustrating games lingering in the web that you can’t help but play with them. These worst games are ridiculously stupidly difficult that players formed a love or hate relationship with it over the years. Do you want to know what the worst games in the internet are? Keep reading to find out.

Last year, a game named faster than Light better known as FTL emerged as one of the frustrating games in the internet. In this game you are a space captain which has the ability to equip your ship with the best weapons, crew and technology. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try to defend yourself with the best weapons you’re only going to die at the last few times and there are hundreds of ways to die in FTL which most of them you won’t see it coming. Indeed a frustrating and addictive game.

Something that is not only frustrating games but also hurts the head is the game called braid.  Braid involves bending the laws of time, space, and physics and in the middle of the game things can just get really frustrating. But no matter how frustrating it is, it is also very rewarding.

Perhaps one of the most frustrating online games nowadays is the League of Legends. The game is packed with a cast of over 100 players and if you aren’t very good at playing as a useful character then there’s no point in playing because you’ll only be wasting your character’s life. Also be prepared to be flamed by angry nerds if you jump into a battle you don’t have any idea what to do.

Picture this: you wake up in the middle of a field with no items, no survival gear, no weapons, no map, and no idea where you are or where you should go, could there be anything worst than this game? This is what Day-Z is all about.

Otherwise if you’re into some sports game then QWOP is the worst games in the list. In this game you act as an athlete who attempts to sprint a 100m down a track. As the name suggests, The Q and W keys on your keyboard control the left and right thighs, while the O and P keys control the calves. Try to play this game and in seconds you will realize how impossible it is.


Remedy a Problematic Computer


Slow and sluggish pcs can become irritating and unproductive. Some might start to think about trading in their units for a new one, however, you don’t have to do this. You don’t need to trash that old hunk of metal in order to buy a new one because all you need to do is get a computer optimization software that can help you speed up pc programs and pc processes quick and easy.  Help speed up slow computer instantly with the help of these software’s whether it’s for work or play, personal or business. You have the choice to make custom changes on how your pc runs or clean up your pc’s internal databases in order to make room for new data with the help of a computer optimization software.

Your computer is a huge and complicated system where every single code, data or file is relative where each are specifically assigned for proper functioning of certain programs.However, bits and traces of old programs or useless files can clutter your system. Optimization software comes in the form of utility programs that help you either clean out your pc’s databases or make changes on your pc. Aside from helping you clean your pc’s system, t can also prevent future problems to arise – like errors, lags or crashes, to occur. While maintenance utility programs clean up your cluttered pc’s databases, a customizing tool helps you tweak your pc’s processes to enhance its performance. With these tools, you don’t have to spend your hard-earned cash because you can find many of such programs for free on the internet. All you have to do left is find one that suites your needs and preferences while making sure that it gives quality performance and is at the same time compatible with your computer’s operating system.


How to Speed Up my PC


Constant usage of your computer can cause it to slow down. What causes a computer to slow down? The most common causes are due to cluttered and disorganized registries. The computer’s registry is a very sensitive database that stores all the important and vital information of every program and software in your pc. It is where the computer gets the needed files when you run a specific program. This means that when you run a program, it’ll have to go through all that heap of data just to look for a specific one.

Another cause of a sluggish pc is a cluttered hard drive. This works pretty much the same as a registry, but it stores files and data that you usually use. Every file in your hard drive will take up memory, the same goes for those useless data. The more useless data, the more memory is being wasted.

Viruses can also cause a sluggish pc. They usually harm pc processes and at the same time take up memory. They wreak havoc inside your pc and cause stalls, errors, and even crashes that not only slows down processes but can corrupt files as well.

If you are constantly thinking about how to speed my pc free download a good pc optimization program from the internet. c come in the form or utility programs that can help boost your pc’s performance either by making the necessary tweaks on your pc or cleaning up your pc to help you bring out that optimized pc windows has brought you.


The Remedies of a Slow PC


Over a long period of constant usage, you will get to experience a slowed down and sluggish pc. This can become very irritating and unproductive in the part of the pc user which is why people who usually experience this always want to find out a quick solution to improve the pc’s performance. Time is a very valuable factor in our everyday lives, slow computer processes can take up much of our needed time to do other things other than work. This does not mean, however, that you have to junk that old pile of metal and plastic and buy a new computer.Other than being a waste of money, it is not very convenient for people especially who are not quite knowledgeable of a good and quality computer unit.

To solve a common computer problem like this, it could be very beneficial to invest in a reliable computer optimization software that can help you speed up your pc programs and processes. PC optimization softwares come in the form of third-party softwares like registry cleaners and antivirus softwares that not only solve slowed down pc problems but also protects them from future causes. With the help of such programs, your pc can run more quickly and smoothly; it can help you use the Internet more effectively, and push Windows to work at optimum speed with the interface you want, not what Microsoft gave you. You don’t necessarily have to upgrade your parts or reformat your system because all you need is to tidy up your hard drive and all other compartments. PC performance tools also enable the user to make subtle tweaks and customization to Windows itself in order to help you squeeze every bit of memory and speed your pc has to offer. For more information just visit this site: