Increasing the Screen Refresh Rate of Your Window PC


Making your monitor increase hz wouldn’t hurt you or anyone, so why not get this advantage? Getting an increase monitor refresh rate is only one of the effects in getting an overclock monitor. This means that you will have to reset the component to make it run at a faster clock rate which is beyond the manufacturer-specified speed in order to increase the whole of the system’s performance. Most common components that usually get overclocked are processors, but with this pc technique on your pc monitor, it can make monitor faster without you having to spend extra on getting a new display upgrade. Overclocking your components can make them run faster, therefore, overclocking your monitor can make it work faster and therefore deliver you more quality results. This method started when the first 3d monitors capable of working with the Nvidia 3d vision active-shutter tech appeared. In order to alternately feed an image to each eye, these screes needed to be capable of double the refresh rate of ordinary monitors. This resulted in bringing in the 120hzvs 60hz to work allowing for a more elegant look and a more responsive feel.

Reading all these may make you feel to want to try and see this out for yourself. However, the main question still remains, is your existing monitor capable of doing this? The answer to this would most probably be – no. However, you can overclock display with the help of available tool cooked up by Nvidia which unfortunately isn’t distributed by Nvidia themselves, but by other graphics card vendors. This, though, can work on any types of Nvidia graphics cards ranging from the old GeForce 7900 to the fairly recent GeForce GTX 670.



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