Gear Up For Bioshock



Launched in 2007 for gaming platforms Microsoft windows and xbox 360, bioshock is a first-person shooting game whose concept was developed by Irrational Games’ creative lead Kevin Levine based on ideas of objectivism as highlighted by Ayn Rand, while incorporating influences from other authors such as George Orwell. The game uses a survival-horror theme where the player manipulating the character, Jack, throughout the underwater city set in the 1960s after his plane crashes in the ocean near the bathysphere terminus. The city turned out to be an isolated utopia which after the discovery of ADAM, a plasmid that grants super-human powers, has left the city to ruins and led to the population’s turbulent decline. The story from there then develops as Jack tries to find a way to escape hordes of ADAM-obsessed enemies with the use of weapons, and using the plasmids that give unique powers turning the enemies own strengths against them. Having the elements of what every role-playing game contains, the player can manipulate different approaches in engaging the enemies in the game – by taking advantage of stealth as well as having moral choices of saving or killing other characters.

Eventually, in 2008, 2k marin, 2k Australia, and Digital Extremes released bioshockmade available for PlayStation 3, and for the Mac OS X in 2009.  The game was highly renowned for its “jaw-dropping visual effects” at that time which required the finest graphics card of the day in order to play at 1600×1200 or more. Even after bioshock2,the new bioshock gamesequal, specs remained stagnant. However as bioshock infinitewas released just last March 26, 2013, critics have already given it even better ratings. However, because of it’s very impressive gameplay, you should reconsider or at least be prepared to improve your graphics card thinking can my pc run bioshock infinite.



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