Booting Up your PC


Different users experience different problems with their pc especially over a long period of time. The most common PC problem is having a slowed down and sluggish pc while doing your tasks. This can be quite irritating aside from causing unpredictability. It can also be quite a hassle and can definitely be a huge waste of time. You can actually unlock your pc’s full potential and allow it to reduce boot time speed if you can enable all cpu core bottom the maximum. This, however, will depend on the type of CPU you are running on – whether it’s a dual, tri, or quad core CPU. You should know that the default is 1 – this means that your CPU is running on only 1 core – and the point here is to get it to work with your maximum cores. The first thing you would want to do is go to start menu. You can then go to the search box and type the word “msconfig” which will enable it to open a new window. Click on “boot” and after which on the “advanced options” tabwhere you can then check your desired number of processors which are found on a box. Clicking on 2 allows you to run 2 cores – if you have a dual core, checking this will meet its maximum. Likewise, clicking 3 and 4 will allow you to access the respective number of cores. After the process, you can then click on “ok” or “apply” and make sure that you restart your pc to allow it to make the changes.

The advantage to this process is that it is said to increase your boot speed allowing you to reduce boot time spent on your pc. It is also rumoured to increase pc processes while gaming, surfing, typing, or even just enjoying watching or listening to any type of media players. You can then enjoy your pc at a much faster and more optimized state giving you the convenience and productivity you’ve have always wanted for your pc.



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