Optimizing your PC


Your windows is not a perfect operating system, but you can have the option to make it the best for you. Computers eventually slow down after a long period of time. You may have experienced a couple of problems such as constant program crashes, slow boot up time, or even as simple as lags. These problems happenbecause a computer has only a limited amount of memory that it can accommodate while more and more programs and files accumulate in your pc’s ram. One of the best ways to restore your pc speed is by removing unnecessary files. Optimizing your PC’s performance is to figure out which programs are running and how heavily they are consuming your hardware’s resources.

You can always make your computer faster by making use of your Windows Resource Monitor to confirm that your PC is running only the programs you need while also temporarily shutting down unwanted programs by using the freeWindows Task Manager, with the help of window’s detailed guide on how to use Task Manager to avoid accidentally shutting down system-critical programs. In addition, you can use reliable registry cleaners that can run under the Mircosoft Windows operating system – like pc cleaner pro. As a windows registry cleaner, it looks at all your computer’s registry contents and thoroughly inspects it. By doing so, it evaluates the usefulness of each entry and prompts the user to remove those that are unnecessary or unwanted within the system. It also has the capability to remove malicious files lurking inside the registry and contribute to the slowing down of your computer process. Pc cleaner pro is available for free trial download to allow potential users to get a feel of how the program works and the effects after using it on your pc before making an investment.



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