What You Need to Know about Malware


Derived from the words “malicious” and “software”, malware is a type of program designed to steal information or cause internal damage to a computer. A lot of people confuse malware as a type of virus, when in fact malware is any kind of software that is intended by the developer to cause harm within another system or exploit other people’s personal information. On the other hand, a computer virus is a small software that is purposely designed to spread from one computer to another and interfere with various computer operations. In other words, harmful software such as viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, and worms are categorized as malware and are generally harmful to any computer unit or even to the user if not taken cared of once malware infection signs are evident.
The threats of malware infection have directly increased as the number of internet users around the world have, at the same time, increased as well. Unlike in the 90s where malware were only regarded as the result of experimentations and pranks by curious developers trying to expand their skills, malware today keeps evolving as a medium to wreak havoc and cause crimes in the cyber world. As the threats of malicious software increase, reasons to protect your computer from it pile up as well. You can protect your computer from Trojan, spyware and virus infection with the help of anti-malware programs that are designed to identify, quarantine and even remove such harmful software at the very first sign of infection. For users to fix pc malware infections, you would need to install third-party software applications or anti-malware programs that come in the form of antiviruses and anti-spyware programs for routine pc maintenance. These are programs that are designed to identify faulty or bad coding in certain programs that can be identified as malicious software. It then either quarantines the identified program or removes it from your database so it can no longer cause any internal problems within your system.



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