Charging My Laptop


Laptops are one of the most important gadgets sold in the market nowadays. This is because of its convenience that in many cases can be of help to most people, most especially to businessmen and students. For all we know, laptops could boost their way to the top of the market system any time. Because laptops are somewhat just like desk tops, these items are more sought of by buyers. But what are the negative sides of having laptops? I guess this question goes directly to the major problem of laptop users – battery. The average battery life of a laptop would reach more than or less than 6 hours. Before this time would pass, the laptop needs to be charged before it goes all out in order to prevent the battery from being defective.

                The usual laptop charging takes about 2 hours. Although charging the laptop is that easy as one, two, three, having a charging port problem is one that the laptop owner should be worried about. Some even asks if there could be another way to charge the laptop without the use of the usual laptop charger. There had been asked if it is possible to charge laptop through laptop. I did believe this was but what I thought right was incredibly wrong. There is no way you could charge your laptop through the use of another laptop. We all know phones could be charged through the use of laptops but we should also know that laptops are obviously not the same with phones. There could be more than one problem that you would face in doing so. USB cables do not have the capabilities and/or requirements to charge a laptop through another laptop. Laptops cannot be a charge doctor for another laptop.  It is greatly discouraged to do so because it may be unstable for both laptops. It may cause overcharging and may damage both batteries and both laptops.


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