How much money do I have to pay to speed up my PC?

When we encounter slowdowns in our computer we tend to sought for ways to attain the normal or even faster performance. Depending on what type of service you need to speed up your computer we all would expect that there’s an equivalent price to a certain upgrade. Nowadays repairing a PC would cost you anywhere from $1000 up to a free pc speed up. In case you want to make sure how much you’d spend to get your computer fixed then here’s a basic guide to how much it’ll cost you.
One of the most common advices you’ll get if you’re experiencing a computer slowdown is to upgrade your RAM and getting a new RAM isn’t for free. A few gigabytes of extra RAM would cost you around $50 to $150 and if you unfortunately don’t know how to install it then another extra bucks for somebody who’d do it for you. On the other hand if you are hooked up in playing games and currently experiencing lags while playing then a decent video card would fix the problem. Low cost video cards can be priced to $150 while premium video cards are as high as $1000. Another way to speed up your pc is to upgrade your operating system. When Windows 8 was recently released users can upgrade to that new OS for $40 while new Windows OS license will cost around $80 to $130.

All tips mentioned above are absolutely effective ways to speed your computer with an equivalent cost. However if you are searching for a free pc speed up then that could also be possible with the help of PC Cleaner Pro. You don’t need any technical expertise to use this free computer optimization, it’s a powerful program but very accessible to use. During the scan, PC Cleaner Pro has the potential to spot any troubles in your system that causes freezes, lock up, and slowdown. To fix the identified the problems you’ll need to upgrade for the full version of PC Cleaner Pro for just $39.95 and this amount will help your PC speed up for long.


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