Everything We Know So Far About Valve’s Steam Box PC Gaming Device

steam boxFor all gamers who have been hooked up with their Xbox and Playstation brace yourself for another competitor to enter the console battle. While both companies, Microsoft and Sony, are expected to release their Xbox 720 and Playstation 4 respectively, Valve is ready to compete in the console wars with their own device that will change everything and it is called the steam box. Xbox and Playstation shouldn’t worry for each other it must have worried about the newcomer, Steam Box, which aims to upend consoles forever. Steam box will cater better graphics, better multiplayer functionality and other stunning features that gamers have been craving to enjoy. It is a compact-size computer console-shaped box packed with a powerful punch. According to Valve CEO Gabe Newell, there are three versions of the steam box: the ‘good’, ‘better’, and ‘best’. By these categories you can easily spot which one is able to provide the best performance and most expensive since you get what you pay for. Any of these categories shall function as a streaming console thus allowing gamers to play the latest games even without the presence of the hardware they need to run. Gabe Newell also confirmed that steam box will be packaged with Linux and you’re free to install Windows on Valve Linux box and download whatever you want.

Meanwhile, the advantage of the ‘Best’ version of steam box is that it has its own CPU and GPU and you may not need online streaming anymore. And Gabe Newell that they’re working on more than one steam box, this time we aren’t talking about the 3 versions but a mobile steam box version that resembles a portable gaming controller. Steam box rumors about the mobile version only has a few details so far, although it is heard that little foot, the codename for steam box mobile version, will have a biometric data and gaze tracking features. 2013 will be a year PC gamers will surely look forward to.


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