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Charging My Laptop


Laptops are one of the most important gadgets sold in the market nowadays. This is because of its convenience that in many cases can be of help to most people, most especially to businessmen and students. For all we know, laptops could boost their way to the top of the market system any time. Because laptops are somewhat just like desk tops, these items are more sought of by buyers. But what are the negative sides of having laptops? I guess this question goes directly to the major problem of laptop users – battery. The average battery life of a laptop would reach more than or less than 6 hours. Before this time would pass, the laptop needs to be charged before it goes all out in order to prevent the battery from being defective.

                The usual laptop charging takes about 2 hours. Although charging the laptop is that easy as one, two, three, having a charging port problem is one that the laptop owner should be worried about. Some even asks if there could be another way to charge the laptop without the use of the usual laptop charger. There had been asked if it is possible to charge laptop through laptop. I did believe this was but what I thought right was incredibly wrong. There is no way you could charge your laptop through the use of another laptop. We all know phones could be charged through the use of laptops but we should also know that laptops are obviously not the same with phones. There could be more than one problem that you would face in doing so. USB cables do not have the capabilities and/or requirements to charge a laptop through another laptop. Laptops cannot be a charge doctor for another laptop.  It is greatly discouraged to do so because it may be unstable for both laptops. It may cause overcharging and may damage both batteries and both laptops.


New Skin of Windows


Competing along with the android and ios market, Microsoft is making up a lot of catching up to do by releasing its new windows 8 operating system to the world computer software market just late last year. Windows 8 comes it two versions, the windows 8 pro for desktop and laptop pcs and the windows rt for mobile touch screen capable devices such as smartphones and tablets. Unlike the desktop version of the operating system, windows rt is a new Windows-based operating system that’s optimized for thin and light PCs that have extended battery life. The operating system only runs built-in apps or you can You can install more apps windows rt by downloading from the Windows Store, typically like any other known smartphone or mobile computer operating softwares we know today. Windows Update automatically keeps your PC up to date and Windows Defender provides up-to-date virus and malware protection so you won’t have to worry about harmful softwares.

In windows’ new surface with rt, it comes pre-installed with Office Home and Student 2013 RT Preview. With windows rt’s new metro style start screen, it has live tiles that can notify you on anything you want in real time because with connected stand-by, you are always up to date. You can also personalize the new start screen with your favourite website links, apps, and widgets by pinning it up your start screen, grouping, naming, arranging, or even zooming in and out of them to get that perfect and customized display. What makes windows rt very popular after its recent release is that it helps extend your device’s battery life, and not just for windows surface. With up to 8 hours of battery life, you can create, play, watch, and share faster and longer. You don’t have to worry about how to speed up windows rt because with windows rt, you can speed up your device and prolong battery life.

Why do people buy tablets?

windows tabletsA few years back the only computer we know and always use is our desktop computers. Nevertheless the world has completely evolved today and technology has indeed accelerated at a certain speed because smart phones and tablets have dominated the market. If you haven’t bought a tablet of your own you might ask yourself “why should I buy a tablet?” they are literally just smaller versions of computer so why not prefer a laptop instead. Before buying a tablet you must take note of a few tablet pros and cons that way you can make sure your money won’t go to waste. Here we are going to tackle the reasons to buy a tablet and also some of the reasons why not to buy it.

For bookworms out there who are addicted to reading books, tablets offer the most convenient way of reading your favorite books through its e-reading functionality.  So if you have not much time going to the bookstore to purchase a physical book then an e-reader tablet can help. Making your laptop sit on your lap while watching television sounds uncomfortable and if you’re switching between the screen of your laptop and the TV you might end up with a stiff neck. When using a tablet you can comfortably have a single screen interface in front of the TV. People are thinking twice of purchasing a tablet because laptops and desktops are generally more powerful. This might be true however tablets nowadays are catching up at a fast pace. Tablets also play a vital role in the business world it is very useful in business meetings, one-on-one presentations, and can also be connected to traditional projectors. Aside from the portability advantage is also the rareness of glitches and bug downs. Tablets are exceptional when it comes to errors and crash, it’s even fast and easy to restart.

After hearing some good stuff about tablets like any other devices they also have their limitations and here are some of the reasons why you would think twice in buying one: you’d be disappointed by the typing ability of tablets, it tends to go obsolete much faster, not suitable for gamers because it only has limited gaming capabilities, and smart phones and laptops are getting powerful nowadays so you might not want to spend another extra money for a tablet. These are just a series of tablet pros and cons if manage to balance it out then buy your tablet today and make sure you install PC Cleaner Pro to get a smooth performance from your tablet.

How much money do I have to pay to speed up my PC?

When we encounter slowdowns in our computer we tend to sought for ways to attain the normal or even faster performance. Depending on what type of service you need to speed up your computer we all would expect that there’s an equivalent price to a certain upgrade. Nowadays repairing a PC would cost you anywhere from $1000 up to a free pc speed up. In case you want to make sure how much you’d spend to get your computer fixed then here’s a basic guide to how much it’ll cost you.
One of the most common advices you’ll get if you’re experiencing a computer slowdown is to upgrade your RAM and getting a new RAM isn’t for free. A few gigabytes of extra RAM would cost you around $50 to $150 and if you unfortunately don’t know how to install it then another extra bucks for somebody who’d do it for you. On the other hand if you are hooked up in playing games and currently experiencing lags while playing then a decent video card would fix the problem. Low cost video cards can be priced to $150 while premium video cards are as high as $1000. Another way to speed up your pc is to upgrade your operating system. When Windows 8 was recently released users can upgrade to that new OS for $40 while new Windows OS license will cost around $80 to $130.

All tips mentioned above are absolutely effective ways to speed your computer with an equivalent cost. However if you are searching for a free pc speed up then that could also be possible with the help of PC Cleaner Pro. You don’t need any technical expertise to use this free computer optimization, it’s a powerful program but very accessible to use. During the scan, PC Cleaner Pro has the potential to spot any troubles in your system that causes freezes, lock up, and slowdown. To fix the identified the problems you’ll need to upgrade for the full version of PC Cleaner Pro for just $39.95 and this amount will help your PC speed up for long.

Everything We Know So Far About Valve’s Steam Box PC Gaming Device

steam boxFor all gamers who have been hooked up with their Xbox and Playstation brace yourself for another competitor to enter the console battle. While both companies, Microsoft and Sony, are expected to release their Xbox 720 and Playstation 4 respectively, Valve is ready to compete in the console wars with their own device that will change everything and it is called the steam box. Xbox and Playstation shouldn’t worry for each other it must have worried about the newcomer, Steam Box, which aims to upend consoles forever. Steam box will cater better graphics, better multiplayer functionality and other stunning features that gamers have been craving to enjoy. It is a compact-size computer console-shaped box packed with a powerful punch. According to Valve CEO Gabe Newell, there are three versions of the steam box: the ‘good’, ‘better’, and ‘best’. By these categories you can easily spot which one is able to provide the best performance and most expensive since you get what you pay for. Any of these categories shall function as a streaming console thus allowing gamers to play the latest games even without the presence of the hardware they need to run. Gabe Newell also confirmed that steam box will be packaged with Linux and you’re free to install Windows on Valve Linux box and download whatever you want.

Meanwhile, the advantage of the ‘Best’ version of steam box is that it has its own CPU and GPU and you may not need online streaming anymore. And Gabe Newell that they’re working on more than one steam box, this time we aren’t talking about the 3 versions but a mobile steam box version that resembles a portable gaming controller. Steam box rumors about the mobile version only has a few details so far, although it is heard that little foot, the codename for steam box mobile version, will have a biometric data and gaze tracking features. 2013 will be a year PC gamers will surely look forward to.