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Being a good PC Mechanic

Your computer is a working system that needs constant maintenance and tune ups. Like a car that needs to have its oil changed, to have its engine tuned up and make sure that all other components are still in good working condition, your pc has to be checked and cleaned constantly both inside and out. Computer maintenance is an essential habit that the owner must try to instil. Without good maintenance habit, you will experience a lot of pc problems in the system eventually.

PCs are devices that are vulnerable to damages and problems that eventually will need fixing. With the right knowledge and tool, you can become a pc mechanic in a few easy steps. As a matter of fact, anyone can become a good pc mechanic, you don’t have to take relevant courses or acquire a degree for you to be qualified to become one. You can tune up pc softwares with the right tools and the know-how to become a home-grown mechanic of your own pc. The best tools come in the form of optimisation applications which are represented by utility software programs. These programs are designed to automatically detect problems and find the best way to solve them without you having to break a sweat. The software can also locate missing or damaged entries, delete temporary or unwanted files, and generally clearing up space for necessary information or data.

However, the tool is only as good as the user. Even though you have a good and effective tool, you can only witness its effects if you as the user put it into good use. A good user should have a good habit of conducting regular maintenance checks on their computer to not only protect but also avoid such problems or damages to systems in the future. If worse comes to worse, your pc could be vulnerable to even more dangerous threats if not practiced regularly. On the other hand, conducting maintenance checks with the use of good and efficient tools can otherwise give negative effects if you run it in the background and loading at start-up constantly.


PC Protection

Your computer may be at risks to a lot of harms like computer viruses, worms and other malicious ware. The user, at the same time, may be prone to risks that are as dangerous to the pc as it can be to the user. Scams are as rampant in the internet as they are on the streets. A person may be at risks of scams from random strangers on the outside world as much as a person can be at risk to getting scammed from unsecure and unknown websites that are scattered all over the internet. The internet is a wide venue for communication and data sharing which makes it also a very good place for deceptive marketing and advertising.

Scams in other words are fraud. The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a joint venture of the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center in the US whose purpose is to serve as a central hub to receive, develop, and refer criminal complaints  about occurrences of cyber-crime which involves but not limited to online scams. In 2007, the agency has found that 44.9% of consumer complaints were related to online auction fraud, while 19% concerned non-delivered merchandise, and 4.9% were check frauds. About 70% of the victims were scammed through online sites while 30% of the victims were affected through email.

These horrifying facts thus establish that the even the internet is not a secure place. Users can avoid software scams with the help of legitimate computer programs that help protect you from accessing dangerous or suspicious websites that are scattered throughout the internet. You can usually get good software companies through authentic websites from good software companies that develop such softwares.

Evolution with Style

Visually stunning, lightweight, highly damage-resistant, it’s the best feature you can get from your hand held smart phones or tablet pcs or even pcs and tvs. Corning has definitely changed what a glass should be and how it should be used as it features its state-of-the-art gorilla glass. It’s the greatest invention made specifically for devices and appliances’ protection from everyday wear and tear.

Made from alkali-aluminosilicate, this thin sheet of of glass that wraps around our favourite device’s displays are engineered for thinness, lightness, damage resistance and at the same time strength. Unlike ordinary glass that was popular during the 90s found on almost any type of technology in the market which are fragile, gorilla glass is made to be flexible that gives you a time off from thinking about having it scratched. What’s good about this product that many environmentalists would definitely approve of, the material can be recycled.

By 2010, the corning gorilla glass has been used in approximately 20 percent of mobile handsets and even the best laptop screen world wide. In 2012, its second generation, gorilla glass 2 has been announced and accordingly will be releasing its new gorilla glass 3 with Native Damage Resistance which enables improved damage resistance and toughness compared to former glass compositions. It is also compared to be up to three times more damage resistant than its predecessor, the gorilla glass 2. The company never stops improving its product’s quality even after its over 1 billion users and still in counting. It has been said that gorilla glass 3 is not only chemically strengthened — its atomic configuration is formulated so that the glass is less brittle, and fundamentally tougher and more damage resistant even before.

Tweaking Your PC

As many pc users may have noticed, old computers tend to run slow and sluggish over constant usage. Unfortunately, this is inevitable but this is nothing to worry about. This problem is not caused by the wearing out of your hardware components, with constant care and maintenance, these are as capable as they were way back when you first bought them. The problem lies on the programs and files that your pc internally accumulates. Even uninstalled programs leave traces of itself within your system which in bulk will significantly consume a lot of your computer’s memory. For short, it’s more than just the current programs stored in your hard drive, even traces from the programs that you removed affect pc speed and performance.  Windows can’t always trace the programs that you have uninstalled and the traces that it has left behind, and because these programs are removed, the folder it belongs to will never be accessed by the system again. Inevitably, these fragments will be overlooked by the entire system which is why you will need to install programs that make pc faster in performance and speed.

This just goes to show that constant cleaning and maintenance in and out of your pc is necessary. Not only will you have to clean your system thoroughly, you will also need to do it regularly and free windows programs help you in tidying up your pc system. It’s also good to remember, however that a significant speed boost takes more than just a clean and tidy hard drive, you can squeeze out your pc’s optimum performance with the help of free computer speed tips in subtly tweaking your windows itself. It doesn’t matter if you have the best cleaning utility program installed, or bought the top-of-the-line computer hardware available because in the end, it will all lead to the user and how they keep their pc tuned up and well organized.

The Philosophical Software

Literally translated as “humanity towards others” or in other translations “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”, it is the Southern African ethic or humanist philosophy focusing on people’s allegiances and relations with each other called Ubuntu. This is also the philosophy that runs this computer operating software Ubuntu which is distributed free to the public as an open-source software. It is believed that a person believing in ubuntu is open and available to others – which makes it a perfect principle behind the development of the software where it encourages free software development for improving and distribution.

Because it is free and easy to use, ubuntu is now a linux distribution that has one of the largest online communities. It also has new releases predictably scheduled every six months for the release of new versions, and every 2 years for its long term support version. This makes the system regularly up to date where version numbers are actually the release year and month, for example the current release is 10.4 which is April 2010.

The development of this software is led and trademarked by Canonical Ltd., a UK-based company owned by South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth. It is also the largest sponsor of the free software. Majority of their revenue is not made by the sale and distribution of their operating software, ubuntu, but rather through technical support or services related to the software and by displaying advertisements on its own version of the desktop manager. Generally the company markets commercial support and related services for ubuntu-related projects. Today, canonical employs  thousands of staffs in over 30 countries around the world and maintains offices in London, Boston, Taipei, Montreal,  Shanghai, Sao Paolo, and the Isle of Man. According to 2012 online surveys, ubuntu is the most popular linux distribution on desktop or laptop PCs as well as for the use of cloud computing.