Windows 8 Versus Windows 7: Speed and Performance

“Will this make my Computer perform faster?” this is a common line we often ask when we make computer related decisions whether we are installing new software or buying a new hardware. You might decide in upgrading your windows 7 performance to the recently released Windows 8 but still want to make sure if this will make your computer run faster or slower. Here we will give the answers of all the questions in your mind about windows 8 vs windows 7 performance so that you can differentiate and choose what’s best for you.

When we talk about improvements, start up times is the biggest that Windows 8 have. The 9 second operating start times difference gives a big impact on windows 8 speed. In contrast with startup times we also have shutdown time to take into consideration. Though only a few consider this important the difference of windows 8 versus windows 7 shutdown times is nonetheless significant. It only takes 13 seconds for Windows 8 to restart your computer and that’s an advantage.

Latest games today demand a lot of things from your computer for it to perform at its best. One of its demands include an operating system that let it run to its full potential and with windows 8 speed there is definitely no doubt that your gaming needs are well provided. Windows 8 versus windows 7 in 3dmark 11 performance edges out by a small margin but in PCMark 7 scale the benchmark is in favor with windows 8. Since Microsoft focuses on improving its multimedia performance and continues to improve it in future updates making windows 8 have a slight difference.

While windows 8 appear to be well and good in gaming performance, we probably as if windows 8 speed is also good in terms of internet speed just because we browse more than we play. This would dependent on the browser you use. The IE10 seemed to be hopeless leaving Chrome the fastest browser for windows 8 and windows 7. Microsoft Office suite of applications is a important tool to users for work or homework and among the other Microsoft applications, Excel 2013 gets along very well with Windows 8. With all these windows 8 versus windows 7 arguments we can conclude that there are only slight improvements on windows 8 aside from the gaming performance. However, we should not be looking for massive improvements in our favorite games instead we must consider faster responses and smoother operation so Windows 8 is indeed a worthy upgrade.


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