Storage Clouds

If ten years ago, file sharing and storage was all about storing your word documents in a 3-inch floppy diskette, while only five years ago until now, there exists rewritable and non-rewritable cds, flash drives and today, external hard drives. Our not so distant future will be all about cloud storage services made available to us by the ever expanding internet. If over a decade ago, we could only store kilobytes of data, that eventually evolved into megabytes, gigabytes and now, with hard drives available, as huge as terabytes.

The cloud is our file storage and sharing future. Today, the best cloud storage services, such as skydrive, offer us huge storage spaces that are accessible to us, anywhere, anytime, in any computer device. As one of the many file hosting services available to us users, skydrive allows users to upload and sync files to a cloud storage which we can then access through a web browser or their local device. Aside from being the most easiest file sharing methods in the internet, and allowing us to share over megabytes of data, cloud storage services such as skydrive allow us to keep our important files and electronic documents safe in case of natural calamities or technical breakdowns at home or with our computer systems. Skydrive cloud storage services not only offer more desktop options today, but it offers a great deal of mobile support as well. It’s user-friendly, fast, and light on the hard drive making skydrive one of the best cloud choices available today when making other popular cloud storage comparison.


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