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The world of pc gaming is quickly increasing. With more and more available games available for avid players available in the pc, the computer still belongs to one of the most preferred gaming console ever made. More and more games prefer pc games than other consoles available in the market because it equally posses the same features of gaming that are found in many other gaming consoles in the market. The rise of a new generation of free-to-play shooters over the past few month have brought a lineup of the best free pc games currently available. Aside from a sizeable crop of first-person shooting f2p pc games, there is a wide variety of upcoming online games for your enjoyment.

PC gaming has never been this free and open to all pc users around the globe. With planetside 2 dominating the free to play shooting game genre, developed by sony entertainment, being a PS2 game puts the “massive” in MMOFPS with up to 2,000 players doing online battle, and its potential is as enormous as its maps. On the other corner we have the most highly rated free game of all time, team fortress 2, that features new game modes, maps, equipment and, most importantly, hats. When you think ‘mech shooter’ the first words that spring to mind are ‘lumbering’ and / or ‘slow’, maybe that is because you haven’t met hawken yet. This new game offers the customisation and versatility of walking tanks and combining them with the pace of a proper PC shooter. Now on its open beta stage, this pc run online free rpg game is a must-play. There are a lot of online games available to gamers of all age and preference. Look up the best 2012 online free to play pc games on the internet now, for other games, along with these cool new featured games.


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