PC Handy-Man

Every user should get to know some basic pc maintenance tips to help you fix common, minor problems that may occur at some point with your pc. You can fix computer problems easily but avoiding them is hard to do. You will need to learn common computer habits that will help lessen and, in the long-run, avoid pc problems.

One good tip is to never turn your computer off with the power switch until Windows has shut down properly. This helps prevent permanent hard drive defects and causing the hard drive heads to contact the surface of the drive disc. Keeping this in mind and constantly practicing proper pc shut down will prevent a host of Windows problems.

You should also always remember to make a backup of any data you cannot afford to lose to at least two separate physical drives. Aside from using physical drives, it’s a good thing that cloud storages are available at our disposal. There are a lot of paid online backup services, like mozy or carbonite; or file sync services, like mediafire or dropbox. Don’t wait until the next day to do this; tomorrow is unpredictable and a sudden data loss may happen to you by then.

For desktop pcs, it is highly recommended that you purchase an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to keep your computer from crashing during power outages. Preventing unprecedented crashes will avoid program errors or system problems to occur which can internally damage your pc. This add-on also protects your computer from low and high voltage occurrences as well which in general helps your computer receive a stable amount of power increasing the durability of your power supply and fuse.

Good computer habits help avoid the occurrence of pc problems in the future. This means that it is not only good to keep in mind all the necessary tips for you to fix the computer but avoid all the unnecessary things that can cause pc problems.


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