PC Protection

Your computer may be at risks to a lot of harms like computer viruses, worms and other malicious ware. The user, at the same time, may be prone to risks that are as dangerous to the pc as it can be to the user. Scams are as rampant in the internet as they are on the streets. A person may be at risks of scams from random strangers on the outside world as much as a person can be at risk to getting scammed from unsecure and unknown websites that are scattered all over the internet. The internet is a wide venue for communication and data sharing which makes it also a very good place for deceptive marketing and advertising.

Scams in other words are fraud. The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a joint venture of the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center in the US whose purpose is to serve as a central hub to receive, develop, and refer criminal complaintsĀ  about occurrences of cyber-crime which involves but not limited to online scams. In 2007, the agency has found that 44.9% of consumer complaints were related to online auction fraud, while 19% concerned non-delivered merchandise, and 4.9% were check frauds. About 70% of the victims were scammed through online sites while 30% of the victims were affected through email.

These horrifying facts thus establish that the even the internet is not a secure place. Users can avoid software scams with the help of legitimate computer programs that help protect you from accessing dangerous or suspicious websites that are scattered throughout the internet. You can usually get good software companies through authentic websites from good software companies that develop such softwares.


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