The Philosophical Software

Literally translated as “humanity towards others” or in other translations “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”, it is the Southern African ethic or humanist philosophy focusing on people’s allegiances and relations with each other called Ubuntu. This is also the philosophy that runs this computer operating software Ubuntu which is distributed free to the public as an open-source software. It is believed that a person believing in ubuntu is open and available to others – which makes it a perfect principle behind the development of the software where it encourages free software development for improving and distribution.

Because it is free and easy to use, ubuntu is now a linux distribution that has one of the largest online communities. It also has new releases predictably scheduled every six months for the release of new versions, and every 2 years for its long term support version. This makes the system regularly up to date where version numbers are actually the release year and month, for example the current release is 10.4 which is April 2010.

The development of this software is led and trademarked by Canonical Ltd., a UK-based company owned by South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth. It is also the largest sponsor of the free software. Majority of their revenue is not made by the sale and distribution of their operating software, ubuntu, but rather through technical support or services related to the software and by displaying advertisements on its own version of the desktop manager. Generally the company markets commercial support and related services for ubuntu-related projects. Today, canonical employs  thousands of staffs in over 30 countries around the world and maintains offices in London, Boston, Taipei, Montreal,  Shanghai, Sao Paolo, and the Isle of Man. According to 2012 online surveys, ubuntu is the most popular linux distribution on desktop or laptop PCs as well as for the use of cloud computing.


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