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Stop Wi-Fi thieves

Moocherhunter is a mobile tracking software tool for the real-time on-the-fly geo-location of wireless moochers and hackers. It helps you spot wifi thief and stop wireless internet stealing without any hassle. Avoiding internet thieves from hacking into your wireless network can help you protect wireless internet at home and prevent it from being used for illegal purposes. There are a lot of dangers on the internet that you should be aware of, this means that you should not only protect your personal information but your location as well. Protect your identity as well as your activities by protecting your internet connection and making sure it’s secure from those hackers with bad intentions.

For a person to conduct certain activities on the internet, it is inevitable to be totally invisible. A person will have no choice but to reveal themselves by sending traffic across various websites that is why hackers or thieves steal another person’s internet connection. If a person cannot hide their network or connection information, it will leave them no choice but to use another person’s network address or IP address. An IP address is a unique code labelled numerically to each device or computer once it connects to the internet. An IP address serves two principal functions: host or network interface identification and location addressing. Moocherhunter enables the owner of the wireless network to detect traffic from this unauthorized wireless client (using either the Passive or Active mode) and enables the owner, armed with a laptop and directional antenna, to isolate and track down the source. Also, because the software is not based on fixed or statically-positioned hardware, moocherhunter allows the user to move freely and walk towards the actual geographical location of the moocher/hacker.

Windows 8 Versus Windows 7: Speed and Performance

“Will this make my Computer perform faster?” this is a common line we often ask when we make computer related decisions whether we are installing new software or buying a new hardware. You might decide in upgrading your windows 7 performance to the recently released Windows 8 but still want to make sure if this will make your computer run faster or slower. Here we will give the answers of all the questions in your mind about windows 8 vs windows 7 performance so that you can differentiate and choose what’s best for you.

When we talk about improvements, start up times is the biggest that Windows 8 have. The 9 second operating start times difference gives a big impact on windows 8 speed. In contrast with startup times we also have shutdown time to take into consideration. Though only a few consider this important the difference of windows 8 versus windows 7 shutdown times is nonetheless significant. It only takes 13 seconds for Windows 8 to restart your computer and that’s an advantage.

Latest games today demand a lot of things from your computer for it to perform at its best. One of its demands include an operating system that let it run to its full potential and with windows 8 speed there is definitely no doubt that your gaming needs are well provided. Windows 8 versus windows 7 in 3dmark 11 performance edges out by a small margin but in PCMark 7 scale the benchmark is in favor with windows 8. Since Microsoft focuses on improving its multimedia performance and continues to improve it in future updates making windows 8 have a slight difference.

While windows 8 appear to be well and good in gaming performance, we probably as if windows 8 speed is also good in terms of internet speed just because we browse more than we play. This would dependent on the browser you use. The IE10 seemed to be hopeless leaving Chrome the fastest browser for windows 8 and windows 7. Microsoft Office suite of applications is a important tool to users for work or homework and among the other Microsoft applications, Excel 2013 gets along very well with Windows 8. With all these windows 8 versus windows 7 arguments we can conclude that there are only slight improvements on windows 8 aside from the gaming performance. However, we should not be looking for massive improvements in our favorite games instead we must consider faster responses and smoother operation so Windows 8 is indeed a worthy upgrade.

Storage Clouds

If ten years ago, file sharing and storage was all about storing your word documents in a 3-inch floppy diskette, while only five years ago until now, there exists rewritable and non-rewritable cds, flash drives and today, external hard drives. Our not so distant future will be all about cloud storage services made available to us by the ever expanding internet. If over a decade ago, we could only store kilobytes of data, that eventually evolved into megabytes, gigabytes and now, with hard drives available, as huge as terabytes.

The cloud is our file storage and sharing future. Today, the best cloud storage services, such as skydrive, offer us huge storage spaces that are accessible to us, anywhere, anytime, in any computer device. As one of the many file hosting services available to us users, skydrive allows users to upload and sync files to a cloud storage which we can then access through a web browser or their local device. Aside from being the most easiest file sharing methods in the internet, and allowing us to share over megabytes of data, cloud storage services such as skydrive allow us to keep our important files and electronic documents safe in case of natural calamities or technical breakdowns at home or with our computer systems. Skydrive cloud storage services not only offer more desktop options today, but it offers a great deal of mobile support as well. It’s user-friendly, fast, and light on the hard drive making skydrive one of the best cloud choices available today when making other popular cloud storage comparison.

Other things the Cloud can do

What is a cloud? Unlike those white shapes and sizes on the sky, in web terms, the cloud is an invisible storage database that allows you to store huge numbers of memory depending on the developer’s terms and conditions. The online cloud storage services allows you to store copies of your files, technically “in the cloud”, through online storage services. This feature is the best way to protect your files in case of future unknown natural and human-caused disasters that can threaten to destroy your vital files and documents.

However, the best cloud storage benefit of using online storage services doesn’t end at file protection. In fact, a large appeal of such services steams from convenient accessibility. Cloud storage services give you access to your most frequently used and important files no matter where you are. Whether on your smartphone or work computer, you can access, view and edit your stored data. It is also becoming the most convenient way of file-sharing today, where your friends can access specific files and folders and download any data made available to them via the cloud. As the online storage space continues to evolve, the industry becomes more populated with efficient competitors. Some of the most reliable and popular, but equally efficient and flexible online cloud storage services available include dropbox, google drive, and skydrive that offer more or less the same features as any other cloud storage services can offer.

Best Gaming Experience

The world of pc gaming is quickly increasing. With more and more available games available for avid players available in the pc, the computer still belongs to one of the most preferred gaming console ever made. More and more games prefer pc games than other consoles available in the market because it equally posses the same features of gaming that are found in many other gaming consoles in the market. The rise of a new generation of free-to-play shooters over the past few month have brought a lineup of the best free pc games currently available. Aside from a sizeable crop of first-person shooting f2p pc games, there is a wide variety of upcoming online games for your enjoyment.

PC gaming has never been this free and open to all pc users around the globe. With planetside 2 dominating the free to play shooting game genre, developed by sony entertainment, being a PS2 game puts the “massive” in MMOFPS with up to 2,000 players doing online battle, and its potential is as enormous as its maps. On the other corner we have the most highly rated free game of all time, team fortress 2, that features new game modes, maps, equipment and, most importantly, hats. When you think ‘mech shooter’ the first words that spring to mind are ‘lumbering’ and / or ‘slow’, maybe that is because you haven’t met hawken yet. This new game offers the customisation and versatility of walking tanks and combining them with the pace of a proper PC shooter. Now on its open beta stage, this pc run online free rpg game is a must-play. There are a lot of online games available to gamers of all age and preference. Look up the best 2012 online free to play pc games on the internet now, for other games, along with these cool new featured games.

PC Handy-Man

Every user should get to know some basic pc maintenance tips to help you fix common, minor problems that may occur at some point with your pc. You can fix computer problems easily but avoiding them is hard to do. You will need to learn common computer habits that will help lessen and, in the long-run, avoid pc problems.

One good tip is to never turn your computer off with the power switch until Windows has shut down properly. This helps prevent permanent hard drive defects and causing the hard drive heads to contact the surface of the drive disc. Keeping this in mind and constantly practicing proper pc shut down will prevent a host of Windows problems.

You should also always remember to make a backup of any data you cannot afford to lose to at least two separate physical drives. Aside from using physical drives, it’s a good thing that cloud storages are available at our disposal. There are a lot of paid online backup services, like mozy or carbonite; or file sync services, like mediafire or dropbox. Don’t wait until the next day to do this; tomorrow is unpredictable and a sudden data loss may happen to you by then.

For desktop pcs, it is highly recommended that you purchase an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to keep your computer from crashing during power outages. Preventing unprecedented crashes will avoid program errors or system problems to occur which can internally damage your pc. This add-on also protects your computer from low and high voltage occurrences as well which in general helps your computer receive a stable amount of power increasing the durability of your power supply and fuse.

Good computer habits help avoid the occurrence of pc problems in the future. This means that it is not only good to keep in mind all the necessary tips for you to fix the computer but avoid all the unnecessary things that can cause pc problems.