Getting to know your Hardware

If you own a personal desktop computer, then you probably have gotten acquainted with the different parts of a pc. The computer is a complicated machine. It is composed of various different parts with different kinds of tasks specified to each one. If one of these parts are missing, then you would probably not have a working computer. These different parts, either big or small, have individual tasks assigned to them and when all of these are connected together, you have a working computer system. The physical parts, the ones that you can see and touch, are called the hardware. If you know how to build a pc, then you would know that the hardware is more than just the monitor, the cpu, keyboard and mouse. Although, these are the most commonly known computer hardware that makes up every pc, everything within these parts too are called hardware.

If you take a look inside your cpu, you can see different electronic components. The motherboard, graphics card, audio card, hard drive and cpu fan are also considered hardware. Again, every computer component that you can see and touch are called hardware, in contrary to software devices which are the electronic instructions, or programs, that tell your hardware what to do. Aside from a good hardware, you would also need to install a software that goes  along with it in order for the hardware components to work together simultaneously and in harmony.

Good hardware varies in prices in the computer market today. You can get cheap computer hardware with great quality only if you know your hardware well. You don’t have to be an expert to know what a good hardware is and what can be compatible with your other components to make cheap fast pcs. All you have to do is be keen on the brand, model and specifications of your computer and hardware and you will sure to get the most of your computer performance.


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