Unbelievable PCs

In perspective, your computer seems to be the fastest pc ever invented today. You conduct routine maintenance on it, keep it free from malware, and keep it upgraded with the most up to date hardware and software available in the market. it is capable of browsing the web, create documents, handle the most detailed video game and more. You use it for work, school and play – pretty much an average person’s tasks you can do on a single computer. Quite efficient right? Well, if you thought you had the fastest computer in the world, think again.

In today’s technological advances, there are now specific computers invented for specific kinds of purposes. For example, in 2006, the fastest computer in the world was IBM’s bluegene/L – 360 teraflops. This is a supercomputer invented that can reach operating speeds in the peta FLOPS with only a low power consumption. But unlike this supercomputer, a so-called quantum computer has also been invented. This computer is a device that makes direct use of quantum mechanical phenomena to perform operations on data. generally, these types of computers are different from digital computers bases on transistors – as digital computers require data to be encoded into binary digits, quantum computation uses quantum properties to represent data and perform operations on them. In fact, theoretical physicists are currently making various efforts in studying a concept of quantum physics called quantum entanglement using exactly the type of computer to compute their data. Using the quantum computer, they can identify exactly how the spin of every electron in certain electronic materials could be entangled with another’s electron in order to enhance the field of information technology.


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