Comparing Two Windows

If you have been eyeing on Microsoft, you might very well know that Windows 8 is mainly available in three versions: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT. Unknown to many, even though Windows 8 and Windows RT look the same from the outside, they are totally different under the hood. To help you choose what’s best for you, here are some windows 8 versus windows rt information to guide you.

Windows RT comes preinstalled on systems while Windows 8 is the standard version of Microsoft’s new operating system. Windows RT is significantly cheaper than Windows 8. Legacy desktop programs can’t be installed on Windows RT operating system while Windows 8 can install both legacy desktop software and Windows Store apps as well.

You cannot upgrade to Windows RT while Windows 8 can be upgraded but with a cost. Windows RT can’t be installed on machines powered by x86 and x64 processors. It is designed to run only on ARM-powered devices. Windows 8 only runs on x86 devices. With Windows RT, programs and software from previous versions of Windows cannot be transferred over. Meanwhile in Windows 8 you can transfer all of their favorite programs and software from previous versions of Windows. Windows RT users only have access to the interface-formerly-known as Metro UI while Windows 8 feature both the Modern UI system as well as the classic Windows desktop

If you still haven’t decided what suits you then here is a brief run-down: A Windows RT would perfectly suit you if you want a tablet with Windows 8 interface and with an affordable price. With the windows 8 edition differences presented above, it will best suit you if you are into business that stands in need of full range Windows features.


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