Gamers’ Facts

A video game console is an interactive entertainment computer, or a customized computer system that is used to display video games. It is a machine designed for people to buy and use primarily for video games on a tv. Since 2007, video game consoles are estimated to make up 75% of the world’s gaming market.

Video games are getting addictive and are rising in popularity since the very first video game ever released back in 1958. Before the era of electronic ping pong, hungry yellow dots, plumbers, mushrooms, and fire-flowers, people waited in line to play video games at roller-skating rinks, arcades, and other hangouts. More than fifty years ago, before either arcades or home video games, visitors waited in line at Brookhaven National Laboratory to play “Tennis for Two,” an electronic tennis game that is unquestionably a forerunner of the modern video game, where Two people played the electronic tennis game with separate controllers that connected to an analog computer and used an oscilloscope for a screen.

The word video in video game traditionally referred to a cathode ray tube (CRT) display device, but it now implies any type of display device that can produce two or three dimensional images. The electronic systems used to play video games are known as platforms; examples of these are personal computers and video game consoles like the xbox and playstation. As time passed, arcade games became less popular as home video game consoles are being released with more advanced games with better quality graphics due to upgraded console and pc hardware that are available in the market today.


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