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offline internetUse Pagenest to create a ‘cache’ of pages you read regularly and store copies of websites so you can read them when you are not connected. It works as an offline internet that archives sites before they change or disappear by copying your favourite webpages to the hard disk so you can access these pages again anytime even without internet connection. For example, if you want to download facebook, you simply encode the address of the website to the program and it will copy either the page, or the entire site by creating an exact copy of what you see in your browser including the text, html, images and css. The website can be downloaded for free and is guaranteed free of spyware, viruses and other malicious code.

Features of this product that users find most important include its ability to keep a permanent copy of useful websites and pages to your hard disk before they disappear or change on the internet; its multithread downloading engine which can download forty files at once; and its capability to download almost any file type from html, shtml, php, and asp to name a few. With the use of this software, all you have to do is download once and retrieve that page even when you are away from an internet connection. If you have a laptop, you can access the file conveniently anywhere for you to read. Creating accurate copies of websites can be difficult. We have the experience to make Pagenest cope with just about any site. Pagenest also has a unique ‘dial protection’ which means it can prevent whatever browser you use from attempting to open a dial up connection unless you let it saving you time, effort and money.


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