Warning! Virus Detected

virusesNow that every pc user in any part of the globe has the capability to access the internet, more and more users are prone in getting infected with dangerous software and programs. These types of programs give no benefits to your computer system, instead they only cause internal harm to your system. These dangerous softwares are commonly called “malware” which is short for malicious or malevolent software. It is designed plainly for damaging or doing unwanted actions on your computer system. These types of programs were created by attackers to generally disrupt computer operations. Some other uses include gathering sensitive information from another person’s computer, and gaining access to private computer systems without the user’s permission.

Common examples of malware include viruses, worms, trojan horses and spyware, with each having distinct purposes, functions and specific level of risk. What is common with these softwares however is that they are all harmful for your pc. For example, spyware are not as dangerous as viruses. Spyware are commonly used for information theft because it gather data from a user’s system without permission or even without the user knowing it, while viruses can and will disrupt computer files or directory information in your computer’s database.

Even though you cannot remove these harmful programs from the internet, you can, however, protect your computer system with the use of anti-virus or anti-spyware utilities. These utilities are designed to seek and remove the malicious programs they find on your computer. As early as now, you should find and install a good and reliable security utility on your computer.


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