3 Features You Might Actually Like About Internet Explorer 10

internet explorer 10Surely, most have heard about Windows 8 advertisement that has cost Microsoft over $1 billion. It’s hard to ignore Windows 8 with its features like internet explorer 10 along with all the catchy advertisement and colorful UI. However we might be discourage upon hearing the word internet explorer in Windows 8. Don’t jump to conclusions yet, here are some internet explorer tips and tricks that might change your mind completely. If those ringing advertisement doesn’t convince you then this internet explorer 10 secrets just might.

Nothing beats IE 10 full-screen browser, imagine its real estate is immense, capturing the entire screen. Even Google chrome can’t beat that, though it has been known as the most pristine browser in terms of screen, Google Chrome provides the most minimalistic browsing experience prior to Internet Explorer 10.

One powerful feature for people who want to get things done quickly is the right-click menu. However, the right-click menu looks nothing from previous versions of Windows, since in Windows 8 you’ll be greeted with a vast array of options when right-clicking on a blank desktop space. When you right-click in IE10, you can view a list of webpages and instantly swap between them. This is a new feature of IE 10 that caters to power users who visit a cluster of sites on a daily basis.

Frustrated with “Content not available in your area” message on YouTube and other video/music sharing websites? This usually happens because your browser sometimes sends location data to those sites, allowing them to see which country you’re coming from. Fortunately, IE 10 can stop sending location data to websites, you just have to prompt the Charms bar, go to Settings>Internet Options and there you’ll see an option called “Ask for location” slide it to off position and then you’re done.


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