Microsoft surface with windows 8 pro

surface proSurface with windows 8 pro is an all new 64-bit tablet pc that combines beauty, power and mobility that allows the user to do everything you’ve ever done on your pc. Its touch-enhanced applications run smoothly like your favourite desktop software so you can work the way you’ve always wanted with style and comfort. Microsoft surface pro combines both security and manageability with Bitlocker encrypting your hard drive helping you keep your surface pro data safe. This new device allows you to install various applications and connect with accessories and printers just like your ordinary desktop pc.

The new Microsoft surface pro is available in the market with up to 128 GB of storage and powered by an intel core i5 processor. Weighing merely under 2 pounds, this 13.5 mm thin and lightweight pc tablet combines comfort, style and efficiency all in one making this the perfect tool for you to do more.

Other features include a pen that allows you to draw or write on your Microsoft surface anytime, anywhere. It is also capable of connecting to other hardware or devices with its mini DisplayPort. With the use of a separate cable, you can connect to big screens, projectors, or displays allowing for high definition presentations, video and documents to be viewed by a larger crowd.

Since it is powered by the windows 8 operating system, it allows you to download various apps that suite your preference, whether it be for school, work, or play, you’ll enjoy taking your surface with you wherever you go.  Microsoft surface tablets offer a battery life of up to 4 to 5 hours between charges. It also has a slick keyboard accessory that is sold separately from the device which serves at the same time as a cover or protector. Surface pro is expected to be out in the market around January of 2013 starting at $899.


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