Which Computer Monitor Is Best for You: Plasma, LCD, or LED?

Most tech savvy people or even those who are not are always faced with the decision whether they should choose a Plasma, LCD, or LED screen. The same goes when you are shopping for a HDTVs and getting advice from a salesperson is not a good idea. What is the real score in lcd vs led vs plasma? There are plenty of factors to be considered in computer monitor comparison that you need to know. Read further and let’s figure out the simple comparison between Plasma, LCD, or LED screen.

The three technologies are vastly different, particularly with respect to how each screen is lit. How good the picture looks, especially if you’re a videophile or a cinema fanatic, is the most vital aspect of any HDTVs. In terms of black and white levels, Plasma Screens always outstand. LED tends to have whiter backlighting, which means the screens are brighter. LCD has no way in keeping up with the two.

Screen thickness isn’t the most important aspect of HDTVs, but it’s the most noticeable. If you prefer thin, lightweight monitor then choose LED screens. Plasma screens aren’t far behind while LCD is too bulky to compete with the two.

Energy efficiency is an important factor when choosing an HDTV, and between lcd vs led vs plasma, LED win again. LED screens are effective energy savers while Plasma screens are power hogs.

The final verdict goes to LED HDTVs. If you want thin, energy efficient, and can produce a great picture and that by getting these features costs a premium. Anyway, if you can afford it then you’re way to go. Otherwise, a good plasma screen will suit you if you’re on budget.

If your budget is limited and you can’t find Plasma, then LCD is the only choice.


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