Cheap Tablet PCs

Tablet pcs are becoming more popular today because of its affordability and portability that tablet users would prefer. It has a larger screen size compared to your ordinary hand held android phones and allows the users to do basic tasks that can be done on a computer. It is also more lightweight and portable than your ordinary laptop or netbook. Older models of tablet pcs run the classic windows operating system. Basically, they come in two different classes, namely the desktop-based operating systems and the post-pc mobile-based or “phone-like” operating systems. Although there are various kinds of operating systems that run tablet computers, these are usually powered by the android operating systems that are best suitable for touchscreen features which make them more fragile and sensitive.

Modern tablets commonly come in the form of a slate or the slate-style. A tablet computer may be connected to a keyboard with a wireless link, a USB port or sometimes acts as a dock.

Because of the growing market for tablet computers, prices have dropped drastically. Innovators continuously strive to make fast tablet pcs by incorporating the latest upgrades in android technology which is the new android 4.2 jellybean. Today, current android tablets run on the android 4.0 icecream sandwich with usually a 1 GB RAM and 8GB built-in memory that’s expandable. Other features of tablet pcs include a built-in high quality camera, runs both phone and tablet apps as long as it is supported by the android os, an accelerometer, high definition displays, wireless mobile browser functions, potential cell phone functions, GPS satellite navigation, ebook reading capabilities, portable media player function, lightweight, and has a battery life of up to three to twelve hours.


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