Protecting Your Personal Accounts

choose good passwordAll registered user accounts need a certain password for access. However, it’s hard for a computer to recognize a certain user’s identity that is why passwords were created. Unless retina or hand print scanning technology is integrated into our computers, just like what we see in those sci-fi movies, then passwords would have been made obsolete by now. Passwords are the first line of security for all accounts, which is why it is very important to always remember your password and never give it out to anyone. Always remember that your personal accounts can only be accessed with your password, so if someone else will get a hold of this, they too can access your personal account.

When this happens, you can’t put the blame on anyone else but yourself. A good user makes security one of their top-most priority and the golden rule here is to NEVER give out your password to anybody. This “anybody” means your colleagues, spouse, friends, or anyone who might give away or leave a trace of your password. Never write down your password. Keep in mind that nobody else knows your password but you, so if someone else could get a hold of it, traces will lead back to you.

Also, a good password should be something you can memorize but difficult for others to guess. It’s a good idea to choose good password that is 6-8 character long that should not be just any random word picked out from the dictionary. The best passwords should also contain characters like %, $, &, * aside from plain letters and numbers. This is to make it harder for other people to guess your password. It’s also a good tip to avoid using names especially your real name, of your spouse, dog, your children, or even your sister-in-law.


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