Improving Your Windows 8

windows 8 tipsWith every edition of Windows, we see the same automatically enabled features and resource drains. There’s no reason to expect these features to ever go away, as many of these features exist to priorities Windows’ services over others. You can definitely reasonably expect that these windows 8 tips and tricks will work as well as they do on current generation Windows platforms.

So prepare yourself now for the first tasks you’ll need to carry out on your Windows 8 computer, to help it make the upgrade as smoothly as possible. There could also be some windows 8 tips that should be of some use. This is one of the easiest and fastest methods for giving a quick boost to computer speed. All you need to do is simply disable all unnecessary services that you are not using.

There are many services that are safe to disable and are actually enabled by default. Any of the following are usually okay for the typical user to disable. These are Windows Media Center Service Launcher, Windows Search, Windows Time, Application Experience, IP Helper, Tablet PC Input Service, Certificate Propagation, and Serve. You could also try windows 8 disk cleanup to free up some space.

This can help increase the speed at which you can access files. Another common method for boosting speed is to simply adjust your mouse-hover-time. You will need to change the value of this to roughly 100 in order to experience an increase in performance.

If you want to find out how much of your computer’s resources a certain task is taking up, you can find out by checking the performance tab within windows task manager. You can use it to find out how much power any specific task such as watching a movie is taking. This way, once you’ve found a specific problem, you can eliminate that too.


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