Get Free Windows 8

Get free Windows 8 with your institution’s Dream Spark Premium Web Store. Windows 8 has been much anticipated for its speed and fluid design. With OnTheHub, you could get windows 8 free with all its benefits. Windows has been re-imagined to focus on adjusting to your life! The design is perfect for any type of hardware ranging from compact touch-enabled tablets to large all-in-ones with high definition screen.

Another thing to take note is the windows 8 activation glitch which you could exploit to your own use. Want to spend more time doing and less time searching? Windows 8 has a smooth and intuitive design that gives you instant access to people, apps, or whatever.

You’ll be able to browse through the windows media center and download apps that will allow you to work more efficiently, or install games that will let you compete with your friends. With Windows 8 apps can work together allowing you to share photos, maps, contacts, and links this is a very useful feature considering the trend in technology today where data and information is easily shared through the net with various forms of social media .

It’s fast. It’s flexible. Windows 8 starts quickly and is cloud-connected so you can access your photos, documents, and settings on any Windows 8 PC. This cloud technology has really paved the way for easier data storage without the use of a physical storage device. It is very useful especially for people who are constantly moving from place to place without time to access a physical hard drive. They just need an internet connection and then it is all in the clouds. So what are you waiting for? See Windows like never have before.


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