Some Great Drives

Solid State Drives are the best way of adding a noticeable performance boost to your computer. More and more very affordable SSDs are being released, so the question is how cheap ssds is too cheap? Where should you draw the line? Well, there are a lot of budget ssds out there that could be quite a bang for your buck. One of these great and best ssds out there on the market is Crucial.

Crucial is known for selling affordable SSDs. The manufacturer made many consumers happy by frequently lowering the price of its popular m4 SSDs, keeping them more affordable than comparable models from the competition. It will probably be difficult for Crucial to keep the m4 as the cheapest SSD around, especially now that Samsung is attacking the market with very low prices as well. In order to remain competitive, Crucial has released a line of budget SSDs called the v4. Hardware Info tested the 128 GB and 256 GB models. This could prove to be of use because it may speed up pc processes altogether.

The Crucial v4 SSD uses a budget controller, which is apparent from the SATA 300 interface instead of the faster SATA 600. Judging from the specs from Crucial we shouldn’t expect too much in terms of performance. It is actually reminiscent of the specifications of the very first SSDs from years back; it feels like a 2009 SSD in a 2012 coat.

There is no telling whether a particular drive is good. It only just leaves you with reviews and user testimonials that are actually using the drive. It may not be much info but it is a good place to start finding the best bargains out there on the market.


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