Windows 8 Tools

Updated versions are the ones that people anticipate now. Now, people would always wait for the newest versions of the latest “it” things. In today’s trend, you would not have to wait too long just for the latest version because the time span is very short when they release versions. The new versions that they have include the newest offering that they have for their products. Although these additions or changes may just seem very small, still a lot of people prefer to have the latest version, whether it be gadgets, applications, games or even programs.

For your computer, you were always used to installing or using the Windows operating system. Well, it is the most user-friendly software for a lot of people because most of us were really used to computers with this kind of operating system. For the longest time that it reigned in the market, it has also updated its versions to be able to cope up with the fast-paced life and the constantly changing preferences of the market. The most updated version now would be the windows 8. Here are some of the best free Windows 8 programs which you can try:

VLC media player – with Windows 8 there are restrictions to playing certain kind of media or some media files are not being supported. Good thing you can download this program which can read and play all media formats. This is the newest version of the program that will protect your windows 8 from viruses that will corrupt your computers. Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool – do not be fooled by the name because through this you will be oriented on how to install the Windows 8 in your computers.

For you to test whether you are comfortable or compatible with the new Windows version, download and install the free Windows 8 on your computer and experience what it offers you.


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