The Dreaded Blue Screen

If you have ever met the shameful blue screen of death which has been the standard error message in Windows operating systems for years then you are into some frustrations.  Blue screen of death indicates a few problems on your PC. What’s more frustrating is that a blue screen of death occurs suddenly while you’re on the computer, and its error message can be too vague. Here are a few things to do when you happen to meet this:

Google your error message: The blue screen of death usually locks up all functions in your PC. Fortunately, you can always count on Google so you might as well write down the error message and submit it. Hopefully, Google will direct you to PC support forums where experts have already dealt with and solved the problem.

Device error: Sometimes, a blue screen of death may occur due to a corrupt device driver. To verify this, open up your computer and disconnect any unnecessary components.

Safe mode: Entering safe mode can be an effective way to stop a blue screen of death from occurring. By simply starting the computer in safe mode and then rebooting it into its normal mode, sometimes this trick will completely fix the problem.

Overheating: Sometimes, Windows will deliver a vague error message after devices overheat. If you were playing a game immediately before the blue screen of death appeared, it may be a result of your video card overheating. To prevent this, clean out the inside of your case and check the fans on both your components and the case.

Corrupt drivers or operating system files: When a certain key file is corrupt the Blue Screen of Death appears. To fix this blue screen of death error, you may need to repair your installation of Windows.


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