Easy PC Tune-ups: the Hard Drive

A hard drive (also known as a hard disk) is a common component of any computer used for data storage and retrieval of digital information. It has the capability to retain stored data even when the computer is turned off and retrieved in any order (through a Random Access Memory). At closer inspection, when disassembled, it consists of one or more rigid discs coated with magnetic heads arranged on moving actuator arm that rotate rapidly when it reads and writes data on the surfaces.

Before, a single hard drive could only store a whopping 5 MB (megabytes) of data and took over 50 years before modern man could invent hard drives that could store 1 TB (terabyte or 1,000,000 MB). Although at that time, a 5 MB hard drive was considered already a huge amount. Imagine the amount of data you could store in today’s hard drives worth 1 TB of data. However, it is not only data retention sizes have improved. Today, it is easier to clutter your hard drive because modern technological advancements not only increased these components but have also increased the software programs. This was so industries could keep up with the high quality and performance demanded by consumers in the computer industry.

It is important to maintain a well maintained hard drive to get your computer work at its full capacity. Having a cluttered drive is one of the most common indicators of a slow and sluggish pc. Your computer could accumulate hundreds of gigabytes due to unnecessary data stored over a long period of time using your computer. It usually causes slow start ups, very long loading time on some applications, and a long time to retrieve data.


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