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Improving Your Windows 8

windows 8 tipsWith every edition of Windows, we see the same automatically enabled features and resource drains. There’s no reason to expect these features to ever go away, as many of these features exist to priorities Windows’ services over others. You can definitely reasonably expect that these windows 8 tips and tricks will work as well as they do on current generation Windows platforms.

So prepare yourself now for the first tasks you’ll need to carry out on your Windows 8 computer, to help it make the upgrade as smoothly as possible. There could also be some windows 8 tips that should be of some use. This is one of the easiest and fastest methods for giving a quick boost to computer speed. All you need to do is simply disable all unnecessary services that you are not using.

There are many services that are safe to disable and are actually enabled by default. Any of the following are usually okay for the typical user to disable. These are Windows Media Center Service Launcher, Windows Search, Windows Time, Application Experience, IP Helper, Tablet PC Input Service, Certificate Propagation, and Serve. You could also try windows 8 disk cleanup to free up some space.

This can help increase the speed at which you can access files. Another common method for boosting speed is to simply adjust your mouse-hover-time. You will need to change the value of this to roughly 100 in order to experience an increase in performance.

If you want to find out how much of your computer’s resources a certain task is taking up, you can find out by checking the performance tab within windows task manager. You can use it to find out how much power any specific task such as watching a movie is taking. This way, once you’ve found a specific problem, you can eliminate that too.


The IE 10 On Windows 7 latest version of Microsoft’s Web browser is now available to the vast audience connecting to the Internet on personal computers running on the ie 10 windows 7 operating system. The redesigned browser, Internet Explorer 10, made its debut last month when Microsoft released Windows 8, which makes dramatic changes to an operating system that has been powering PCs for decades.

Internet Explorer 10 initially is being introduced Tuesday to Windows 7 users in a “preview,” or test, mode. The new browser isn’t compatible with XP, Vista and any other older Windows version. Although Microsoft is staking its future on Windows 8, far more PCs rely on Windows 7. Microsoft Corp. says a lot of licenses for Windows 7 have been sold since its release in 2009. Windows 8 is unlikely to approach that level of usage until at least 2014, based on analyst forecasts.

Desktops, laptops and tablet computers running on Windows 8 are sold with Internet Explorer 10 already installed. Those with older Windows versions will have to download and install the new browser separately. Although Internet Explorer 10 is supposed to process Web pages more quickly and smoothly than its predecessors, it may have limited appeal to Windows 7 users.

That’s because Microsoft primarily designed Internet Explorer 10 for tablet computers and other devices, including a new breed of PCs that have touch-screen displays. Relatively few Windows 7 PCs can be controlled with fingers on a display screen.

Microsoft is hoping many website developers will download and install Internet Explorer 10 on their Windows 7 machines and see the browser’s potential for making online services more compelling and dynamic. If that happens, more websites may include features that take advantage of Internet Explorer 10’s full capabilities on the bevy of Windows 8 machines expected to be sold during the next year.

The Fastest Graphics Cards You Can Buy for Your PC Today

Nowadays when intense video games or online games demands a lot from your computer, when you’ve pushed your hardware to its limitations, spending  a few money on a good video card might not be a bad idea. Here is a list of the best video cards that you might want to consider, proven to have the perfect combination of speed, durability and cost.

The GTX 650 Ti and the Radeon HD 7770 range from $150 and less. The latter tends to cost between $20 and $30, however, basing on video card benchmarks GTX 650 Ti have significant performance in playing todays most popular games.

Ranging from $150 to $300 comes Radeon HD 7950, and GeForce GTX 660 Ti . Though these are one of the fastest graphics cards, if you want a decent card that won’t cost you a lot then you should try considering Radeon HD 7870. At $240 you will be able to have a lesser performance video card benchmarks ratings than Radeon HD 7950 and GeForce GTX 660 Ti. Among the choices given if you want the fastest graphics cards, settle for GeForce GTX 660 Ti.

If you are up to the best video cards that ranges $300 to $400 then Radeon HD 7950 Boost will give justice to your money. Due to its oveclocked core, Radeon HD 7950 Boost provides a 10% boost to its performance over the standard Radeon HD 7950.  Since the Boost almost have identical performance to the GTX 670 which comes at $350 to $400, at $300 the Boost will serve you well.

The two biggest video cards in the $400+ market are the GTX 680 ($470) and the HD 7970. Likely, these two fastest graphics cards have almost the same performance so why spend lavishly go for HD 7970.

Comparing Two Windows

If you have been eyeing on Microsoft, you might very well know that Windows 8 is mainly available in three versions: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT. Unknown to many, even though Windows 8 and Windows RT look the same from the outside, they are totally different under the hood. To help you choose what’s best for you, here are some windows 8 versus windows rt information to guide you.

Windows RT comes preinstalled on systems while Windows 8 is the standard version of Microsoft’s new operating system. Windows RT is significantly cheaper than Windows 8. Legacy desktop programs can’t be installed on Windows RT operating system while Windows 8 can install both legacy desktop software and Windows Store apps as well.

You cannot upgrade to Windows RT while Windows 8 can be upgraded but with a cost. Windows RT can’t be installed on machines powered by x86 and x64 processors. It is designed to run only on ARM-powered devices. Windows 8 only runs on x86 devices. With Windows RT, programs and software from previous versions of Windows cannot be transferred over. Meanwhile in Windows 8 you can transfer all of their favorite programs and software from previous versions of Windows. Windows RT users only have access to the interface-formerly-known as Metro UI while Windows 8 feature both the Modern UI system as well as the classic Windows desktop

If you still haven’t decided what suits you then here is a brief run-down: A Windows RT would perfectly suit you if you want a tablet with Windows 8 interface and with an affordable price. With the windows 8 edition differences presented above, it will best suit you if you are into business that stands in need of full range Windows features.

Get Free Windows 8

Get free Windows 8 with your institution’s Dream Spark Premium Web Store. Windows 8 has been much anticipated for its speed and fluid design. With OnTheHub, you could get windows 8 free with all its benefits. Windows has been re-imagined to focus on adjusting to your life! The design is perfect for any type of hardware ranging from compact touch-enabled tablets to large all-in-ones with high definition screen.

Another thing to take note is the windows 8 activation glitch which you could exploit to your own use. Want to spend more time doing and less time searching? Windows 8 has a smooth and intuitive design that gives you instant access to people, apps, or whatever.

You’ll be able to browse through the windows media center and download apps that will allow you to work more efficiently, or install games that will let you compete with your friends. With Windows 8 apps can work together allowing you to share photos, maps, contacts, and links this is a very useful feature considering the trend in technology today where data and information is easily shared through the net with various forms of social media .

It’s fast. It’s flexible. Windows 8 starts quickly and is cloud-connected so you can access your photos, documents, and settings on any Windows 8 PC. This cloud technology has really paved the way for easier data storage without the use of a physical storage device. It is very useful especially for people who are constantly moving from place to place without time to access a physical hard drive. They just need an internet connection and then it is all in the clouds. So what are you waiting for? See Windows like never have before.

Some Great Drives

Solid State Drives are the best way of adding a noticeable performance boost to your computer. More and more very affordable SSDs are being released, so the question is how cheap ssds is too cheap? Where should you draw the line? Well, there are a lot of budget ssds out there that could be quite a bang for your buck. One of these great and best ssds out there on the market is Crucial.

Crucial is known for selling affordable SSDs. The manufacturer made many consumers happy by frequently lowering the price of its popular m4 SSDs, keeping them more affordable than comparable models from the competition. It will probably be difficult for Crucial to keep the m4 as the cheapest SSD around, especially now that Samsung is attacking the market with very low prices as well. In order to remain competitive, Crucial has released a line of budget SSDs called the v4. Hardware Info tested the 128 GB and 256 GB models. This could prove to be of use because it may speed up pc processes altogether.

The Crucial v4 SSD uses a budget controller, which is apparent from the SATA 300 interface instead of the faster SATA 600. Judging from the specs from Crucial we shouldn’t expect too much in terms of performance. It is actually reminiscent of the specifications of the very first SSDs from years back; it feels like a 2009 SSD in a 2012 coat.

There is no telling whether a particular drive is good. It only just leaves you with reviews and user testimonials that are actually using the drive. It may not be much info but it is a good place to start finding the best bargains out there on the market.

The Fastest Gun In The West

The titan which is considered a supercomputer has become the world’s fastest machine capable of churning through 17.59 petaflops per second or quadrillions of calculations per second. There is no doubt that this is really a very fast computer with its blurring speeds of computing and such.

The multimillion Titan, by the US based Cray Inc., which seized the No.1 supercomputer ranking on the Top 500 list, will be 10 times more powerful than Cray’s last world leading system, Jaguar, which had set a world record for computer speed and claimed the No.1 spot on the list of the fastest supercomputers in 2009. The Titan system is a 200-cabinet Cray XK7 supercomputer with quite a lot of compute nodes, each consisting of a 16-core AMD Opteron 6200 Series processor and an NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU Accelerator.

Titan is located at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the US and will be used to perform calculations for materials research, nuclear energy research and analysis of techniques which can make combustion engines more efficient. Cray had last year announced that it had bagged the contract to upgrade the Jaguar to Titan. This really belongs with the world’s fastest computers hall of fame. There may come a time when this system will fall inferior to a newer computer but until then, this one holds the crown to being the world’s fastest computing device ever to be assembled.

The Titan supercomputer is an incredibly powerful Cray system combining innovative technologies from companies such as AMD and NVIDIA, surrounded by a tightly integrated Cray hardware and software infrastructure. It truly is a work of art when you look at it at a different perspective. It is a masterpiece made by the hands of great artisans of their own line of expertise and will truly be a great asset to whoever it serves as a supercomputer.